Tahini Recipe

Tahini is a popular dressing, it is most commonly eaten in the Eastern Mediterranean region as well as North Africa, West Asia and South Caucasus. Personally, I started enjoying tahini when I was introduced to Lebanese cuisine. It has an earthy, nutty, bitter taste, it can be compared to nut butters but boasts its own uniqueness. You can enjoy tahini as a savoury condiment or as a dip. Personally, I like using it for my hummus recipe or even eating it with jam on toast (less traditional but amazing!). I hope you enjoy this easy tahini recipe!

Vegan Rogan Josh

Rogan josh is a popular takeaway dish in the UK, it is also known as Roghan ghosht or Rogan josh. The recipe originates from the Persian or Kashmiri region and is typically made with lamb. Today I will be making a vegan version with soy medallions as they stay tender and juicy. This recipe is…