Welcome to My Plant Kitchen!

My name is Rebecca and I’m from London, I fell in love with cooking when I became pregnant and moved to Romania with my Croatian husband. I was out of my home environment and without my usual hobbies and so my cooking journey began. I’ve always been a foodie but I couldn’t cook. Slowly but surely, I built up my confidence. I would get excited to watch cooking shows, even if they weren’t in English, I love how food is universal and can bring people together.

Growing up in a British and Guyanese family exposed me to the wonderful diversity of cuisines and has largely influenced my cooking today. After I fell in love with cooking, I watched a few documentaries, that changed my eating habits. I realised I could eat more sustainably and ethically without compromising on flavour. Thus, I made My Plant Kitchen, a passion project, where I could document my plant-based interpretations of my favourite dishes. I hope you enjoy my blog!

If you have any questions, contact me here.